We create a sustainable future through harmony
between the environment and society.

ybrain ESG Strategy

Through technological innovation and collaboration,
we usher in the era of ‘mental health for everyone that is accessible everywhere.’

  • Mental management technology made easier through mobile technology​
    1. You can check your symptoms anywhere and connect to more than 300 psychiatrists.
    2. It is provided free of charge not only to institutions around us, including psychiatrists, local hospitals, clinics, public health centers, and schools, but also to patients. ​
  • Innovative, non-pharmacological, electroceutical at-home treatment technology ​
    1. Based on non-pharmacological antidepressant technology that can be used anytime and anywhere, symptoms can be improved with ease.
    1. We distribute new technologies that can help improve/manage depression conveniently through various public and private medical institutions.​
    1. We provide the industry's first at-home treatment option to medical staff and patients who have difficulties in treating depression due to limitations in the use of existing drugs or side effects. ​
    1. This technology has also been used for people residing in poor transportation areas or with difficulties in mobility, and has contributed to the National Trauma Center’s and the National Mental Health Center's responses to various disasters and to the responses to community problems, such as Suwon Yeongtong Public Health Center's depression treatment program for the elderly living alone. ​

mental health Through technological innovation and collaboration, we usher in the era of ‘mental health for everyone that is accessible everywhere.’

  • Environment
    Development of consumables that can be used sustainably

    The sponge patches, which are indispensable for the electrodes of the existing devices for stimulation and EEG, have a limitation in that they must be discarded after one-time use because they uses a disposable sponge material in consideration of conductivity. We developed and distributed multi-use hydrogel supporters considering user inconvenience as well as environmental pollution and social costs related to their disposal. Ybrain's multi-use hydrogel supporter patches, which have been verified through performance testing by an authorized agency and MFDS certification, can be used safely up to 10 times.

    Product recycle

    Ybrain aims to reuse devices that have been used in clinical trials or other used devices for research purposes; after retrieving them, such devices would go through internal diagnosis and quality control in accordance with relevant legal procedures.
    In the case of YMS-201B and two other models, 53 stations and 375 modules have been retrieved from 19 clinical partner institutions, including Yongin Severance Hospital, and reused without disposal from 2017 to present.

  • Social​
    • Depression in the elderly

      In 2017, we launched a project to alleviate depression and to improve the quality of mental life in the elderly in collaboration with the Senior Mental Health Welfare Center at Yeongtong-gu in Suwon, South Korea. ​
      The Ybrain's tDCS program was provided to seniors in the community who had symptoms, such as depressive feelings, decreased interest, appetite disorder, sleep disorder, physical agitation, or slowed activity. With this program, weak current stimulation was applied to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for higher functions, such as cognition and emotional processing, in order to balance the left and right activities in the prefrontal cortex, and as a result, improvements in the symptoms were observed. We also provided information on mental health management at old age to the members of the village that was selected as ‘the Village that Loves Senior Life’ and educated them on how to manage their mental health in everyday life.

      6 people × 2 groups × 13 sessions / 146 people for Yeongtong-dong; 6 people × 1 group × 13 sessions / 77 people for Gwanggyo-dong; 6 people × 2 groups × 13 sessions / 120 people for Jowon-dong and others; 6 people × 3 groups × 13 sessions / 165 people for Homaesil-dong; 6 people × 3 groups × 13 sessions / 177 people for Uman-dong and others.
      ​ A total of 765 people participated in the program consisting of 13 sessions, which was held five times, and the scores of depression assessment (MADRS, Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale) decreased from an average of 19.44 at pre-test to 9.44 at post-test, indicating improvement in depressive feelings after participating in the program.

    • Blue Band Campaign

      Along with technological development, Ybrain has been carrying out systematic and diverse social contribution activities. ​
      Ybrain's 'Blue Band Campaign' is a national campaign to promote “Knowing Depression Right” in collaboration with Korean Neuropsychiatric Association.
      It was held to lead the improvement of depression awareness in Korea and to inform the significance of correct treatment direction.

      Mental health problems can affect anyone. We should be aware of what it means to be mentally healthy, actively seek out the information we need to maintain our own mental health, and develop the ability to make appropriate decisions. Blue Band provides information that can help us develop correct 'Mental Health Literacy' and a link for immediate healing as well. .​

      Through the Blue Band campaign with Korean Neuropsychiatric Association / Korean Mental Health Foundation / Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corporation, we provide correct information on depression and promote to improve access to mental health.​
      The goal of Blue Band is to play a role as the first aid for mental health.

    • Forest fire in Goseong, Gangwon-do

      In 2017, many people were saddened by large forest fires centered in Gangwon-do.​
      In collaboration with the National Trauma Center, we provided mental health services using tDCS stimulation for victims who experienced greater loss and trauma than anyone else.

      Watch the video

      At the time of the Gangwon forest fire disaster, the National Trauma Center operated a relief bus to promptly deploy to the site and provide mental health services in the event of a disaster. The relief bus directly visited villages affected by forest fires to improve service accessibility for affected residents and provided mental health services, such as mental health assessment, stress index measurement using heart rate variability, and brain stabilization using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). The results of the PC-PTSD evaluation that reflects stress symptoms showed that the average score of the pre-test was 3.13 (out of 5 points) and the average score of the post-test was 2.11, indicating that the symptoms had improved after the treatment.

  • Governance

    Transparent management that has been audited by an external professional organization every year for more than 10 years since its establishment in 2013​

    Righteousness management by directors with the highest expertise in the medical device industry, which includes the chairman of the medical society, the chairman of the medical engineering society, and the former head of the Medical Device Safety Information Center ​

    Signed an MOU with Korean Neuropsychiatric Association and conducted and sponsored the Blue Band Campaign to promote ‘Know Depression right’ through donations to Korean Mental Health Foundation​

    Technology management through reinvestment of at least 30% of the annual budget in R&D ​

    Assurance of efficient management and safe storage of data by employing a cloud system to which security technology is applied. ​

    Establishment of a data management deliberation committee to provide a foundation for transparent personal information management and establishment of data governance in accordance with the Privacy Act and the related laws.